Saturday, March 5, 2016

the four Horse codes

Since we learned Tomb, I will show you Horse.

Traditionally, we divide the 12 zodiac codes as Horses, Roses and Tombs. Horses are (3)(6)(9)(12), Roses are (1)(4)(7)(10), Tombs are (2)(5)(8)(11). From (1) to (12) are like: Rose, Tomb, Horse, Rose, Tomb, Horse etc…

Agents are special codes or combinations that indicates special phenomenon, we remember them as “agents” for the sake of understanding. Agents are primitive tools of fortune telling. Before fortunetelling was sorted into theory, people use agents only to give fortune telling. Agents are easy to remember and easy to use, but the accuracy is not guaranteed. Because all effects of signs should be analyzed considering individual circumstances. Lots of agents are bull shits, when people couldn’t explain something, they just invented a new agent to describe it. Anyway, I think the most basic agents: horse, rose and tomb are worth to remember. Because it is a good way to sort the 12 zodiac codes into 3 groups.

For example: If your spouse position is one of the four Roses, you want your spouse to have a gorgeous look; if your spouse position is one of the four Horses, you want your spouse to have a nice look; if your spouse position is one of the four Tombs, you don’t have special requirement on your spouse’s look.

We learned about Tombs which represent hind and contain. Roses are the peaks of elements, which would lead to romance because single-minded people are perfectionist. Horses are the first months of seasons, represents changes such as job transfer, move or travel. If a person has more than two Horses, he couldn’t bear to stay at one place or one career for long.

(3)(6)(9)(12) are the Horse codes, you can remember: they are right directions on your regular clock face. In fact, in the strict sense, based on Zodiac year and day code, the Horse of
(9), (1) and (5) is (3)
(3), (7) and (11) is (9)
(6), (10) and (2) is (12)
(12), (4) and (8) is (6)

For example: if you have (9) as your zodiac year or day code, your horse will be (3), if you have a (3) in your life code, you have a horse. Why horses represent change? Horse is the code that crushes your born stage. For example, (1), (5) and (9) would merge and become Water; Water is first born at (9), therefore (3) that would crush (9) serves as Horse. Your growing environment is being crushed, so you have to be flexible and make changes, right?

Because Horse represents traffic, Horse being crush would indicate traffic accident.

Example 1: Paul Walker was born in September 12, 1973; his life code was 10(2), 8(10), 8(12), unknown time; fortune line: 7(9), 6(8), 5(7), 4(6). Paul Walker had (2) and (10) merged and became Metal, so (12) the Water served as favor for discharging the excessive power. However, 2013 was a (6) year in his (6) fortune, double (6) crushed with (12). Favor being crushed indicates bad things, Paul Walker dies in a car accident because (6) and (12) were his Horse.

Example 2: John Nash was born June 13, 1968, his life code was 5(5), 5(7), 1(9), fortune: 6(8), 7(9), 8(10), 9(11), 10(12), 1(1), 2(2), 3(3). As an overall weak, (5) and (9) would merge and became Water as Shield to be the favor. During the (3) fortune, (3) crushed his favor / horse (9), so he died in a car accident.

Example 3: Ye Ting was born September 10, 1896. His life code: 3(9), 4(10), 3(3). Fortune: 5(11), 6(12), 7(1), 8(2), 9(3). He died in a he died in a plane crash in 1946, because his favor / horse (9) being crushed by fortune (3)

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