Monday, November 28, 2016

Do they have to die?

In the previous blog, you may have noticed I changed my word. From "Jordan will die 2016 or 2017" to "Jordan will have life danger 2016 or 2017". It shows I am not very confident about it. Well, I am confident about the information in his life code, but I am not confident that he is going to die.

Some fortune teller believe when you are born and having a life code, everything is decided. In another word, life is like an arrow, the track way of arrow is decided at the moment the arrow left the bow. How long it fly, when does it hit the ground, those are all predetermined at the moment of shooting. But I don't think that is the truth. Because nothing in a life code indicates this is a modern people or an ancient people. If what they think is true, we should have the same average lifespan as the ancient people, because we are having the same life code. 

In my opinion, fortunes are like weather, fortune telling is like the weather report. Weather report cannot change weather itself, but it can prepare us for it. When the great danger comes, there is a chance for us to dodge it or survive it. As a fortune teller, when I say someone is going to die sometime, because I estimate that is usually the weight that will break the camel's back. Compare to the standard hundreds year ago, the weight are the same, but the camels are not the same camels anymore.

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