Saturday, September 24, 2016

I need a business partner / agent

Why do I want to promote fortune telling theory? Because it is significant. It has the potential to change the world. Right now, I am the only player in the area. I really am. I invented those terms. That is a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is: I need to work from ground zero. I think I have been writing this blog diligently, but my effort has received little result. I can understand that, because I didn’t make people to see it, so people won’t see it, why would they?

I have a day job and a newborn baby. Plus, I am a lazy guy with lots of interests, leisure time is very important to me. I can keep it the way it is. But if I can find a partner to help me with the marketing, I can make it a business.

If I make it a business, it is not going to be a fortune telling company. I goal has never changed: I don’t want people to believe, I want them to know. I don’t want to target those who are interested, I want to show everybody. It is not something only for believers. In my opinion, the value of fortune telling is much more than telling fortunes. It can help you to know yourselves. I know there are psychology models for HRs, at least I can replace those shits.

On the other hand, I’m afraid my model is too good for HRs, it is the spoiler of lives and may cause a new form of social discrimination. Like: You don’t deserve a chance, because I know you will fail for sure. That’s sounds not right. So it brings a moral question. But when we have a problem, we fix the problem. Going backward and be ignorant is never a solution.

Anyway, there are so many ways to utilize fortune telling. I haven’t give it much thought yet. Let me know if you want to work with me.

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