Wednesday, June 29, 2016

One of the ultimate questions in fortune telling

I heard this question from a fellow fortune teller; I think it is really interesting. That: in the journey of life, what are fortune line and given time? Are those your feet or your shoes?

So what does the question mean? It is about two opinions in fortune telling.

Opinion one: fortune is the key, it can turn frog to prince, little ugly duckling into white swan.

Opinion two: the original structure is the storage of information, fortunes and years are ignitions that would activate the original information. In another word, they are just the triggers, if you don’t have it in the first place, the fortune can’t create something out for you. Fortune can make you a swan in a certain time, but in fact you are a swan all the time.

To sum up, this is the question: Does the original structure decide everything?

My thinking is: fortune line is the extension of the original structure, it is not completely external. I mean your fortune line is decided as soon as you have a life code, so you can see it as a part of your original structure. The given time is more external. 

The original structure is the subject, but it doesn't do anything. The fortune line is a schedule of what it does in the life time. The original structure decides the existing of your fortune; the fortune line decides the time interval of your fortune; the given time influences the strength of the fortune effect.

Someone said: I don’t care about my fortune, so fortune telling means nothing to me. That’s just brag. When a house is burning, everyone in the house wants to run out, because it is human nature to pursue good and avoid bad. There is no good or bad about elements, but based on people's general preference, we can sort things to good and bad. The meaning of fortune telling is to foresee your good and bad fortune before its coming. You can foresee it, doesn’t means you can be detached with it. You can’t change the weather, but what does weather forecast mean to you?

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