Friday, April 29, 2016

The life code of super healthy people

There is a question: is there a perfect structure? Let’s take Authority-Shield structure as example. It is a typical good structure but it can’t be perfect: in a Authority-Shield structure, too much Authority is a problem. As for the Authority in the structure, single, clear and strong is the best. And so is the Shield.

Also, it’s not good to mix Authority, once you have one of Judge or Slaughter, it’s not good to have the other. And so is Shield.

Also, Money is a problem for attacking Shield, Talent is a problem for revoking Authority; it’s ok to have Strength, but first, Authority-Shield structure is for overall weak, too much Strength makes people strong, second, people with too much Strength are stubborn.

So the problem is: if it is not good to have anything, how do you construct a life code? You need 8 codes after all. So there has to be some problems in a structure.

The above is true if you just think above it. However, in the practical use, it is possible to have a structure with no problem. Idea is limited; the reality can go beyond your imagination.


Ideally, No one should be totally healthy, because there is no way to balance the 5 elements perfectly. However, someone never had illness in their lives, how do they do that?

Male’s life code: 7(9), 7(5), 5(5), 5(7). Fortunes: 8(6), 9(7), 10(8), 1(9), 2(10), 3(11), 4(12), 5(1)

This guy had strong roots and Shield, seems like an overall strong. However, (9) and (5) merged and became Water as Money, Metal 7 transferred the power of Strength to Money. So he was an overall weak, with Shield and Strength as favor. The good thing about the structure: First, he was weak, but not very weak, pretty much balanced, so he wasn't in too much trouble in the weak fortunes. Second, as an overall weak, there was neither Water nor Wood code in the structure to overcome the self code Earth, so both the favors, Strength and Shield, had no enemy (the Water was merged, it didn't take a shape; the Wood was hidden inside of Earth, so there was no direct face off between forces.). Third, he had neither crush nor harm in his life code, so his life was smooth, health wise and career wise, there was no unexpected turn. This guy never had illness in his life, and he died in the 5(1) fortune for (9)(1)(5) constructed a full merge to Water. It was the 8th fortune. Remember it was ancient China, living past 80 was a pretty rare event.

Male’s life code: 6(10), 2(12), 3(3) 5(1). Fortunes: 1(11), 10(10), 9(9), 8(8), 7(7), 6(6), 5(5), 4(4), 3(3), 2(2)

This guy had Authority at the commander position, however, the command (12) merged (3) and became Wood as Shield, and he had another Shield 2 adjacent to the self code, so he was actually overall strong, the Earth 6 discharged his power as favor. The early fortunes were Metal fortunes, Metal attacked Wood and protected the favor Earth. On the other hand, the Shield Wood was not taking much damage because the front line codes of the fortunes were 1, 10 and 9, all Wood and Water, so no one was hurt, it was just power rebalancing for good. The next fortunes were Fire that supported the favor Earth, so it was the best. The senior fortunes were Wood fortunes, Wood serves as foe for attacking Earth, but the front line codes of the fortunes were 4 and 3 as Fire, Fire turned Wood to support Earth ( Wood should overcome Earth, but it also supported Fire, and Fire supported Earth). So even in the foe fortune, the damage was minimized, which allowed him to live through. Furthermore, this guy also had no crush in his life code, so his life was smooth. He lived 10 fortunes, that means he lived at least 100 years.

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