Saturday, February 27, 2016

Grandma Moses's fortune

Saw a piece of news today: This Woman Proved at Age 78 That It's Never 'Too Late'. You know, I love cases like this, because it must be good examples of people’s fortunes turn in the middle of their lives. So I clicked in, and learned the story about a woman named Grandma Moses.

Grandma Moses born September 7, 1860


Fortune started at age 0: 1(9), 10(8), 9(7), 8(6), 7(5), 6(4), 5(3), 4(2), 3(1), 2(12), 1(11)

Because she lived 10 steps of fortune, if I make a chart, it will be too long.

Her birth time is retro deducted. The first reason: base on her life story, she prevailed in Water fortunes; she must have Water as favor. The second reason: she had 10 siblings. With the retro deducted birth time, she should have 10 siblings: Wood serve as Strength that represents siblings, 2 and 7 merge, so the four Metal codes are also count for sibling, 3 and 8 merge and become Water, there is one Water code 9, and two Water contained in (9), so sibling count: 3 Wood + 4 Metal + 3 Water=10. So grandma Moses must been born in (9) hour, in another word, between 3:pm and 5:pm.

Like we just learned in the previous 2 blogs, Grandma Moses had too much Authority, therefore needed to control it. How? With Shield (Water). From 1(9) to 5(3), no Water in the fortunes, although there were Fire as Talent, she had no Talent in the original structure, only Shield served as favor. At the age of 70, she stepped into 4(2) fortune, (2)(1)(12) are the three steps of Water, so she started to success. (2) contains Water, so she started to learn to paint. (1) and (12) are Water, so she became world famous during her 80 to 100. After 100, she stepped into 1(11), Water lost the ground, so she died. She died in December 13, 1961. It was  a 8 year, 7 month and 7 day, 7 and 8 are Metal as Authority for her. Multiple Authority attacked her caused her death.

Addition: I just found grandma Moses's birth time, it proved my retro deduction, she did born between 3 to 5 pm. Once again, fortune telling proved its worth.

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